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3.5″ Display Dash

Original price $449.00 - Original price $549.00
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$449.00 - $549.00
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Keep a close eye on your engines’ vital parameters under any conditions, with the all new MicroTech LTC Display Dash.

With a list of features comparable to our competitors’ “more expensive” dash units, but with a price tag in some cases thousands of dollars less, the MicroTech LTC dash represents unbeatable performance and value for your money.

The LTC Display Dash will show all the sensor information directly from the MicroTech “C” series ECU, along with additional sensor information, such as; EGT’s, tailshaft speed, Lambda and flex fuel %, via the MicroTech “plug & play” CAN data system.

For the racer who is looking for even more features, we have incorporated some other cool software functions into our GPS version LTC Dash.

For the circuit racers, “Circuit Mode” is the perfect tool to help improve your lap times. The Circuit Mode function uses the highly accurate GPS module to record your lap times, without the need for an external transponder beacon.

Simply press the momentary push button at any point on the race track to set your “start point” and then each time you pass the same position on the track, your time lap will be displayed on the MicroTech LTC Dash screen.

For the drag racers, we also have “Drag Mode”.

Find out what your car can REALLY do over the ¼ mile, without taking it to the drag strip. Just find yourself a nice straight section of road (not on a public street of course), press the momentary push button to activate Drag Mode and the moment the car moves, the timer will start. Once the car has travelled ¼ mile (400m), your ET and mph will be displayed on the MicroTech LTC Dash screen. It’s that easy!

Some features of the LTC Dash include:

  • Touch screen full colour anti-glare display
  • Rugged aluminium billet case, with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Real time display of all engine parameters
  • User selectable display screens to monitor the data of your choice via the touch screen or remote push button
  • Compatible with all MicroTech “C” series CAN ECU’s via simple plug & play connection
  • Built in 3 Axis G meter
  • User adjustable bright LED shift lights
  • User adjustable bright LED engine warning lights for each sensor
  • Setting of all limits & functions via the touch screen menu or via laptop using the MicroTech Dash Manger Software
  • Road speed display via GPS (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • Circuit racing GPS lap timer (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • Drag racing ¼ mile ET & MPH timer (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • High speed USB port for fast data connection direct to laptop using the MicroTech Dash Manager Software
  • Expandable for use with MicroTech CAN add on devices, such as; data logging sensor module, flex fuel module, EGT module & Lambda AFR module

The LTC display dash unit, comes complete with; dash unit, billet mounting bracket and all necessary wiring. Dimensions are; 108mm width, 86mm height, and 21mm depth.